Thursday, February 6, 2014


1.    I _____________ you.
a.    always will remember          b. always remember will        c. remember always will               d. will remember always      e. will always remember
2.    Jim _________ the bus home tonight.
a.    catching           b. is catching     c. catches         d. catched          e. was catching
3.    Could you get me a ________ of milk, please?
a.    slice                 b. jar                  c. bar                d. carton             e. piece
4.    James never does his homework. He’s very ___________.
a.    clever              b. patient            c. spacious       d. bossy              e. lazy
5.    I _________ vegetables the day before yesterday.
a.    cut                   b. cutted             c. will cut          d. am cutting       e. had cut
6.    Recently I _______________ shoes.
a.    am buying   b. bought         c. will buy        d. have bought    e. will have been bought 
7.    I __________. I won’t be late.
a.    am promising    b. will promised   c. promise   d. have been promising                   
8.    This room ___________. Let’s open a window.
a. is smelling      b. smells               c. will smell     d. has smelled        e. smelled
9.     Air ___________ mainly of nitrogen and oxygen.
a. consisting       b. is consisting     c. consists       d. will consist          e. has consisted
10. When his youngest brother arrived, he________ dinner.
a. will have         b. is having           c. haved          d. was having         e. has
11. Who _________ the telephone?
a. invent             b. is inventing       c. invented       d. did invent           e. has invent
12. This book _________ be hers. She doesn’t like Shakespeare.
a. can’t                b. must                   c. can                d. should               e. would
13. ‘’I love going on picnics’’. ‘’So ______ I.
a. am                   b. was                    c. does              d. do                      e. love
14. She doesn’t __________ much free time.
a. have got          b. have                   c. has                d. has got              e. got
15. Oh! no, I __________ to water the plants.
a. forgetting         b. forget                 c. forgotten        d. will forget           e. forgot
16. Jason had a really __________ time at the festival.
a. better               b. well                    c. good              d.  best                  e. goodly
17. Would you like _________ strawberries?
a. many                b. much                 c. some             d. best                   e. no
18. What are these skirts _________ of?
a. made               b. make                  c. making          d. maken               e. mading
19. Is the Sukhbaatar square located _________ the heart of the city?
a. by                    b. to                        c. at                   d. on                      e. in
20. She had __________ the floor before she mopped it.
a. polished          b. swept                  c. dusted           d. washed              e. cleaned
21. I’d like to __________ a bouquet of flower, please.
a. deliver             b. take                     c. order             d. bank                  e. wail
22. Animals and people kill their __________.
a. poisons           b. plants                  c. deserts          d. enemies            e. insects
23. Dolphins talk with _________.
a. sounds            b. music                  c. words            d. their hands        e. tongues
24. At the North Pole there is no ________.
a. ice                   b. water                   c. snow             d. penguin             e. land
25. Don’t lose this bag. Look __________ it.
a. at                     b. after                    c. out                 d. like                    e. for
26. Lie _________ on the floor.
a. in                     b. off                       c. down              d. away                 e. up
27. That’s the cottage _________ Julia used to live.
a. who                 b. which                  c. that                 d. where               e. when
28. We went on holiday with some ____________.
a. friends of us    b. friends of our      c. friends of ours   d. our friends     e. ours friends
29. Which is ___________ a headache or toothache?
a. bad                  b. badly                c. worse             d. worst              e. badder
30. It ________________ here.
a. often doesn’t rain   b. often rain doesn’t   c. doesn’t often rain    d. doesn’t rain often
31. I need a __________ of soap.
a. glass                b. bowl                 c. bar                  d. can                 e. packet
32. Maria is quite ________________. She’s always able to think of new idea.
a. imaginative      b. talkative           c. funny               d. serious           e. think less
33. Has everyone got _________ books?
a. his                    b. her                   c. its                    d. their                e. every
34. How long ______________ that books?
a. have you red    b. did you read    c. have you been reading   d. have you read
35. Is this room ____________ everybody?
a. cleaning           b. clean                c. cleaned           d. cleans             e. cleant
36. There was a __________ sheep near the village.
a. flock                 b. herd                 c. school              d. swarm             e. dozen
37. The village was very small. There were only __________ houses.
a. little                  b. a little               c. few                   d. a few              e. much
38. This built ____________ in 1990.
a. is building        b. was building     c. is built              d. was built         e. built
39. I never go to the cinema. _____________.
a. so do I             b. do don’t             c. neither do I      d. neither don’t I   e. nor am I
40. I could hear it ____________.
a. rain                  b. to rain                c. to rain              d. a rain              e. raining
41. Mrs. Brooke __________ her children by herself.
a. raised              b. rose                   c. risen                 d. risen               e. rised
42. When ______________ when the phone rang.
a. are you doing   b.  did you doing  c.  were you doing   d. was you doing
43. My cousin is 17. He’s __________.
a. middle-aged     b. adult                 c. teenager              d. old                e. baby
44. Put your coat ________ if you’re cold.
a. on                     b. in                      c. up                        d. off                 e. away
45. Physics ________ my favourite subject.
a. is                      b. are                    c. were                    d. am                e. do
46. A thief is a person ________ steals things.
a. which                b. who                  c. that                      d. when            e. where
47. We played tennis _______________.
a. for two hours    b. during two hours     c. before two o’clock     d. after two o’clock
48. A doctor is someone ________ treats sick people.
a. why                  b. which                 c. where                  d. who               e. when
49. Who’s in the kitchen? __________
a. anybody           b. anything             c. anywhere            d. nothing         e. nobody
50. Did you meet ___________________ at the party?
a. anybody interesting   b. somebody interesting   c. interesting anyone
d. interesting someone   e. somebody interested
51. I saw a lot of ________ in the forest.
a. deers                      b. a deer             c. deer             d. the deers             e. deer’s
52. His aunt looked at __________ in the mirror.
a. him                         b. himself            c. her               d. herself                  e. his
53. Why wouldn’t the plane take _______?
a. on                           b. in                     c. off                d. from                     e. on to
54. You can’t catch ___________.
a. an eraser                b. elephant         c. rain               d. ache                    e. a taxi
55. An airplane is a machine ________ flies.
a. who                         b. what               c. which            d. when                   e. where
56. You mustn’t chew ________ in class.
a. gap                          b. gel                 c. gum               d. gym                    e. gun
57. She ___________ her leg so she couldn’t go out.
a. was breaking          b. breaks            c. broken           d. had broken         e. will break
58. A meeting __________ once a month.
a. is holding                b. is held             c. have been held    d. holds           e. will hold
59. This time next week he __________ in the Caribbean.
a. will sail                    b. would sail       c. is sailing         d. sails               e. will be sailing
60. I will serve dinner ____________ the guests arrive.
a. if as                         b. until                c. as soon as     d. unless                e. because
61. I heard a joke today ___________ was very funny.
a. why                         b. which              c. where            d. who                    e. when
62. We have decided to _________ the tennis club.
a. destroy                    b. play                c. meet              d. join                     e. suppose
63. Bon works for a company _________ makes furniture.
a. why                         b. which              c. where            d. who                    e. when
64. It _________ raining now, so we don’t need the umbrella.
a. stopped                  b. has stopped    c. is stopping     d. will stop       e. was stopping
65. Some people in big cities live on a busy road.______ must be a lot of noise from traffic.
a. it                             b. there               c. it’s                  d. there’s                 e. they
66. The pool must be _________ on Sunday.
a. cleans                     b. cleaning         c. cleaned           d. has cleaned        e. will clean
67. The government _________ to increase taxes.
a. is wanting               b. wants              c. has wanted     d. want’s                e. want
68. If William _________ a house, he will sell his flat.
a. buys                        b. buy                 c. will buy           d. has bought         e. bought
69. Where will you be ________ Christmas?
a. on                           b. in                     c. at                    d. by                       e. last
70. Where is the cheese__________was in the fridge?
a. why                         b. which              c. where             d. who                     e. when
71. If I _________ you, I’d study harder.
a. were                       b. was                 c. has                  d. am               e. can
72. Have you ever ___________ your leg?
a. break                      b. breaked          c. broke               d. broken         e. has broken

73. Who _________ paper?
a. invent               b. invented        c. is inventing       d. will invent          e. did invent
74. Water ___________ at 100 degrees Celsius.
a. boils                 b. is boiling        c. will boil             d. has boiled          e. boiled
75. This time last year Jenny __________ in India.
a. lives                 b. lived               c. was living         d. will living            e. has lived
76. ‘’Terry loves reading poetry’’ __________ does Nancy.
a. neither             b. nor                 c. so                     d. either
77. Before ____________, I phoned Susan
a. go out              b. went out         c. going out          d. gone out           e. goes out
78. I __________ the TV. It’s working ok now.
a. am repairing    b. was repaired  c. repaired    d. have repaired   e. had been repairing
79. Don’t forget to ________a room before you go to the hotel.
a. go                    b. ticket              c. contain              d. attend               e. book
80. Jim is looking for a job _________ a personal assistant.
a. favourite          b. like                 c. as                      d. such                  e. so
81. The ___________ were red but he still didn’t stop.
a. travel agent     b. apple juice     c. garden vegetables    d. traffic lights     e. frying pan
82. Everyone _________ mistakes.
a.make                b. making          c. have made         d. will make           e. makes
83. I like to keep a photo _________ my family in my wallet.
a. in                     b. at                   c. to                        d. for                     e. of
84. What music _____________ when you were a child?
a. you used to listen                                        c. did you used to listen to
b. you used to listen to                                    d. did you use to listen to
e. did you use to listen
85. I’d booked a table in the restaurant, ___________ I went with my cousin.
a. before              b. after               c. when                  d. while                  e. then
86. How long ______________ that books?
a. have you red      b. did you read       c. have you been reading   d. have you read
87. Is this room ____________ everybody?
a. cleaning              b. clean                  c. cleaned                    d. cleans            
88. She ___________ her leg so she couldn’t go out.
a. was breaking      b. breaks                c. broken                      d. had broken
89. Would you like _________ to the theatre tonight?
a. go                       b. going                  c. to go                         d. goes
90. If I ______ you, I would buy a book.
a. was                     b. are                     c. were                          d. will
91. Let’s go to the library, ___________?
a. will we                 b. have we             c. shall we                     d. is it
92. He is going to France next week, _________?
a. is he                    b. isn’t he               c. is it                             d. was he
93. ‘’Terry doesn’t like reading poetry’’ __________ does Nancy.
a. neither                b. nor                      c. so                              d. either
94. She cut her finger ___________.
a. yourself               b. himself               c. herself                       d. itself
95. This is a beach _________ we visited before
a. when                   b. who                    c. where                        d. which
96. They cleaned their classroom __________.
a. yourself               b. yourselves          c. themself                     d. themselves       
97.  How long ________________ in America?
a. have you lived     b. did you live         c. have you been living     d. have you living
98. If I _______ you, I would study hard.
 a. was                     b. are                     c. were                          d. will
99. Jimmy loves reading adventure book, ______ do I
a. neither                b. nor                      c. so                               d. either
100.              Let’s swim in river, ________?
a. will we                 b. have we             c. shall we                      d. is it
101.              She _______  had a dinner when I came there.
a. has                      b. have                  c. had                             d. was
102.              I like __________ a chess. How about you?
a. play                     b. plays                  c. playing                       d. played
103.               I am a good student, _________?
a.   am I                   b. are I                   c. aren’t I                        d. are you
104.              The swimming pool should be _________ on Saturday.
a. cleans                 b. cleaning             c. cleaned                     d. has
105.              This is a movie _________  we saw last year
a. when                   b. who                    c. where                        d. which



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