Monday, October 22, 2012

БАБ-3 Өгүүлбэртэй бодлого

1.   Becky made a chain of 3.000 links. She takes off 100 links. How many links are left in the chain?
2. Tell what you need to add to change 348,725 to 348,825. Explain.
3. What is the least number of place- value blocks that you need to show 3,010? What     is the greatest number?
4. Write the word form and tell the value of the red digit for each number.
      a.5, 264               b. 46,790              c. 236,821               d. 356,225
5.   Maria and Juan have 9 notebooks together. Each one has at least two notebooks.                                                      How many could each leave?
6.   You want to round 3,546 to the nearest hundred. How does it help to know what number is halfway between 3,500 and 3,600?
7.   Write each amount with a dollar sign and decimal point.
a.   One $ 1 bill, 5 times, 4 pennies
b.   One $ 10 bill 5 quarters, 2 nickels
8.   How much change would you get for a purchase of $6, 79, if you paid with $10 bill?
a.   $2.29                b. $3.21                    c. $4.20                    d. $4.21
9.   41,982,324        41,892,324
A theater had 2.400 programs printed for a play. How many boxes of programs would there be if he programs were packed in?
10.A football filed is 100 yards long. How many feet long is the football field?
11.Erin went to the movie that started at 2; 30 pm. The movie ended at 3; 50 pm. How long was the movie?
12.Dave scored 2 paints in his first basketball game, 5 points in his second game, and 8 points should he score in his fifth game?
a.     11                      b.14                        c.15                 d.18
13.Eliza strings a necklace with 3 blue beads, 2 green beads 4 purple beads, and then repeats the pattern. If she uses 15 blue beads in her necklace, how many did she use altogether?
14.In the book, Kate Shelley; Bounds of legend, Kate is 15 years old when the bridge collapses in 1881. In what year was she born?
15.Ben scored 9,345 points playing his favourite computer game. Drew scored 8, 7 points playing the same game. How many more points did Ben score than Drew?
16.Jake had $18. He spent $4. Then he earned $12 more mowing. How much money does he have now?
17.Tom made 24 bookmarks. He gave 13 to friends. Then, he made 11 more.
18.Cole had $676. He spent $157 on school clothes. About how much money does Cole have left?
19.Chance had 5.125 cards in his collection. He bought his friend’s collection of 3,408 cards. About how many cards does Chance have now?
20.Jim found a stereo on sale for $123. The original price was $150. How much will he save if he buys it on sale?
21.One month the pet store ordered 5.500 crickets. The next month 4.500 crickets were ordered in all?
22.Draw two pictures to show each product. Use arrays in one and groups in the other.                                   1.3x4                  2. 2x8                         3. 5x3                             4. 6x4
23.Twelve people want to share the whole pizza. How many slices does each person get?
24.Pamela has already read 32 of the 41 chapters in her book. How many more chapters does she have to read? If she reads one chapter each day, how many days will it take her to finish the book?
25.Hal has 58 cents in one pocket and 37 cents in another pocket. How much money does he have in all?
a.     85 cents                 b. 95 cents             c. $ 1.15                  d. $95
26.The product of two numbers is 36. Their sum is 13. What are the numbers?
27.Ti8m needs 5 boards that are each feet long. He has two 10-footboards to cut them form. Will that be enough?
28.Ella is putting 15 red chairs and 30 blue chairs in rows. She plans to put 5 chairs in each row. How many rows of chairs will she make?
a.     6 rows                b. 7 rows.                 c. 8 rows            d. 9 rows
29.William earned $28.50 for doing chores. He spent $12 on a pizza and $2.50 on a magazine. How much money did he have left?
30.What solid figure has 6 square faces, 12 edges, and 8 corners?
31.Juanita was 30 minutes late to the soccer game. The game started at 4; 00 p.m. At what time did she get to the game?
32.Bryant had 25 baseball cards. He gave several to his brother. Which expression models this situation?
a.     25-n                  b. n-25                  c. 25+ n                 d. 25/ n
33.Miranda planted 3-*foot hall tree. The next it was 5-feet tall. The year after that it was 7-feet tall. If this pattern continuous, how tall will Miranda’s tree be 10 year after she planted it?
34.A table in the school library has space for 4 students. How many tables are needed for a class of 20 students?
35.How much more did a worker earn for 8 hours of work in 2000 than 1990?
36.M. Or bought 36 bundles of firewood. Each bundle had 15 pieces of wood. How many pieces of firewood did Mr. O buy?
a.      186             b. 216                 c. 510              d. 540
37.218 strands of wicker are needed to make one placemat. How many strands are needed to make 215 place mats?           a.1.526               b. 5.140              c. 5.450           d. 5.460
38.What computation method would you use to find 38x 5.349?
39.Roger has 17 photo albums. Each album holds 128 photos. How many photos does Roger need to fill all the albums?
40.If she cartons of juice are divided equally among 3 stores. How many cartons does each store get?

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